Custom Mad is a Sydney based architecture + design studio full of hope. Founded by Claire McCaughan, the studio is renowned for delivering highly customised, edgy riffs on sustainable architectural solutions. She creates places for residential, cultural and community clients ready to impact real change.

The real value that Claire brings to Custom Mad is her personalised process to reveal unique needs, behaviours and emotional connections to place. Her ability to transform these insights into a series of practical and conscious decisions result in supreme executions of highly functional homes that enable higher grade living. Claire’s killer skills to uncover raw potential and avoid overcapitalising have created a showcase that demonstrates how architecture can also be a powerful tool to elicit kind, creative and conscious behaviours in the world.

Today, every Custom Mad studio action is inextricably linked to impact real positive change beyond clients’ homes, play, and workplaces. The studio’s vision has evolved to ‘build’ a caring future free from homelessness, and Claire proudly educates all of her clients that their actions and choices can profoundly affect others and the environment.

The studio encourages every client to subscribe to Custom Mad’s philanthropy project, a gesture where the youngest member of the family nominates an organisation to direct donations to those in need.